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We are believing for 5 plants in the next 5 years.

We caught up with Pastor Craig Bennet who leads a church plant with a team in Dudley. The Church is called Castlegate Church and started in January 2016. We opened with a simple Christian bookshop in the town centre, from which we minister to the community.

Craig felt a call from the Lord to church plant.

He says “We believe He wants a model of church that advances the kingdom through the preaching of the good news and that each and every member should be a part of that”.

This call of God has been a strong motivation along with His Great Commission command to ‘Go’.

“We minister through Street evangelism (going to the people in the community) and intentionally empowering and encouraging the body to share the gospel in their world – we want to keep the main thing, the main thing at all costs.”

“We are a church plant that plants churches. (We are believing for 5 plants in the next 5 years).”

How can we pray? Pray for His Power to manifest as the gospel is preached, for His Presence to be tangible to those we minister, for People's hearts to be open and for many decisions that become disciples, for provision for the work.

How can people get involved? In the area of Prayer, Provision or Preaching the Gospel (Feel free to contact us) Facebook/ castlegatechurch

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