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Together, we believe, we can help plant many new churches that connect deeply with their neighbourhood. Given the size of the region, 1,000 church plants is almost a minimum to begin creating a sense of movement.  Using an exponential pattern of growth that builds multiplication into the process, it is also a feasible goal over the next 20 years.


We recruit workers in a focussed way that can add resource and vision, to mobilise local Christians who can catch the vision, and to see local churches, mission agencies, networks, denominations and individuals working together to make a difference through a church planting strategy.  We recognise that many of the future workers will be those who become Christians through the planting of new churches – that is the nature of movements. 
The desire is to see churches that are able to win people to Christ, disciple them effectively and mobilise them to both build the church and impact local communities. 

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The Bible reminds us that 'iron sharpens iron'. We need your partnership as we intend to work collaboratively with as many as will join with us in this exciting journey.


Equipping and developing teams on the ground to make reproducing disciples and give tools to enable saturation church planting.


The intention is to witness widely in a way that sees the transformation of communities as the gospel is outworked in practical ways, addressing needs and sharing faith.

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