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As a collaborative across the region, made up of churches, networks, mission agencies and ministries, there is a vast diversity among us.

We would not define ourselves exclusively as Evangelical, Charismatic or Pentecostal, even though the majority of who we are working would easily fit into one of these groups. By highlighting one of these words, we could exclude the other and this isn’t our intention. However, we do want to work with any group that could agree to the Evangelical Alliance’s statement of faith and have a heart to share Christ and his gospel in all its richness to a lost world.



Let's pray for one another through engage pray hubs and prayer resources...

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Let's partner together whatever role you may play. One of the potential benefits of partnering with us is our LINK UP page (accessible to partners only) where churches can have access to mission worker profiles - people recruited through our partner mission agencies who could potentially join your team short, medium or long term. 
We also have a facility for churches that are planting to profile their PLACEMENT opportunities they may have or be planning to have, so that mission agencies can recruit or encourage workers your way.
Contact us for more information and a partner form (whether you are an interested church or mission agency).

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Office Conference


Let's connect together through our events or a meet up for coffee to discuss opportunities...

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