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Varieties of Grain

What kind of churcHES?

The church that is needed today, will be diverse to meet the ever-growing cultural requirements of the days we live in. We have already sought to describe the church in its general practice, but what could it look like. We don’t want to define this too strongly as we want to embrace the rich variety of Christ’s church across the region.

We would see it include:

  1. Traditional forms of church buildings

  2. Meeting in various building types and locations, e.g. a warehouse, a community centre, a coffee shop, a pub or a house, or a mixture of these.

  3. They may be a missional or a gospel community.

The kind is less important, what matters to us, is that they are missional to the world around them, are they making Jesus known to their community. That they are making disciples who multiply.

Image by Samur Isma


Made up of two types. The first is the parachute type. A planter and their family move into a new location to start a church from scratch. The planter begins with little support and few connections within this new area. The planter and their family are “pioneering” new territory.

The second is the Mother/Daughter type where an existing church or church planting organisation provides the initial leadership and resources (finance and/or people) to get a new church started including the selection of the church planter. The existing relationship allows for a close working relationship between the “mother” and “daughter” churches.  Although the new church is autonomous, the sponsoring organisation often has significant influence in the new church.

Image by Markus Spiske


These are more than just churches made of internationals from multiple ethnicities, but with a real desire to engage together with people of many backgrounds and cultures and this is expressed in its leadership, its worship styles and its general practice. Even in its expression of community, including food. we want to help plant your church...

Image by Rod Long


These Churches are made up of primarily one nationality or ethnic grouping, perhaps from a nation in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia or the Caribbean. They could also be Churches that have attracted a particular age group, such as youth or young adults, or a British sub-culture such as a group of people with something in common such as skate Church, pub Church, or biker’s Church. 

Image by Elaine Casap


This type of church intentionally has a desire to resource other plants in the future. This may be through raising up leaders and workers, it may be in how the building is used for events and trainings, as this type of church is generally larger, but not exclusively. It also may be able to assist in financial support to other plants. The launch team would generally be larger to start with, often 25 plus people.


Please connect with us if-

  1. You just want to know more about how you can help transform the city region.

  2. You are a church planter and/or someone who is called to be involved in a planting team.

  3. You are a church that is looking to plant or would like to offer help or resources.

  4. You are a mission agency or ministry organisation and want to partner.

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