Boats in the Water
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The courses are supported by a coalition of organisations:  Greater Europe Mission (GEM), the Fellowship of Churches of Christ (FCC), FORGE Missional Training and Engage West Midlands. The tutors and facilitators are all experienced church planting practitioners. Each of our strategic partnerships bring to the classroom experience a specific wealth of knowledge and experience.

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Our Mission is Reaching Europe by multiplying disciples and growing Christ's Church. Our Vision is God expanding His Kingdom through all peoples of Europe to the world. Greater Europe Mission is an organization that equips and sends missionaries all over Europe to spread the Gospel & make Disciples who make Disciples. 


Forge trains ordinary people to become missional and thrive in whatever context to which one is called. This may be in pioneering new things, church planting, working in and through an already existing church, or serving in a local community, professional or relational network.


We seek to be a movement of the people of God: shaping missional churches; crossing frontiers; impacting cultures. Our Mission is to plant as many churches as possible, recognising that these will often be intercultural expressions of the church. The central purpose of creating many local expressions of church is to see the Kingdom of God located in our land with a transformed world as our goal.


OUR DREAM - Together, we believe, we can help plant many new churches that connect deeply with their neighbourhood. Given the size of the region, 1,000 church plants is almost a minimum to begin creating a sense of movement.  Using an exponential pattern of growth that builds multiplication into the process, it is also a feasible goal over the next 20 years.

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