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EQUIP Britain is an immersive, cross-cultural ministry experience for people who have experienced a call to urban, post-secular disciple-making. It is a proving ground to affirm the call and suitability for being part of a pioneering team.

EQUIP Britain is a hands-on opportunity under the guidance of experienced disciple-makers and church planters. During the 10-months of EQUIP Britain, time is divided into 70% hands-on work and 30% training.

EQUIP Britain runs Sept-June and can accommodate singles, couples, and families.


Areas of work and training will include:
•    Team Dynamics
•    DMM methodologies and T4T, utilising a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) approach to church planting and disciple-making
•    Ethnographic research
•    Multi-Cultural Evangelism
•    Spiritual and emotional foundations for missionaries and urban church planting


It includes mentoring for life-long learning and development and coaching for team development and strategy formation.


An EQUIP Britain placement will saturate the participant in the principles that lead to reproducible disciple-making and church-planting. It will give a year’s worth of experience putting these principles into practice while ministering in Birmingham, UK.

Traditional church planting experiences prepare you to plant one church at a time over many years. At EQUIP Britain, we hunger to see a church planting movement among the people we would describe as western and post-secular.

Having seen church planting movements spread across other continents, we passionately believe God wants to do the same in the West! Our ambition is to contextualise Disciple Making Movements (DMM) to the West and to see disciples and churches developing several generations deep. You will be exploring and learning how this can happen in your own ministry.

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