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40-day prayer journey through Birmingham

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Having prayer-walked the postcodes of Birmingham over 40 days last summer, Andy Mackie has turned his pilgrimage into an excellent-quality, full-colour booklet, which contains the journal he kept, plus around 200 images from the city’s neighbourhoods. By making the booklet available, Andy hopes to encourage Birmingham’s Christians to ongoing prayer for the city and to provide a wider perspective of God’s mission within its borders.

The 201mm x 210mm booklet has two pages for each of the 40 days. For each day there are:

  • Prayer themes from a different book of the bible, making it as much a prayer walk through the pages of the Bible as it is a prayer walk through the streets of the city.

  • Scriptural texts, inspiring prophetically-relevant prayer in these challenging times.

  • Images that stimulate prayer – whether amnesty bins for knives and weapons, church buildings and ministries, wall-art reflecting current issues, or signs of hope.

  • Stories of unsung heroes who reach out to their communities – and who need our prayer support as they do so.\

A sample of the prayer journal can be viewed HERE. The booklets cost £5 each (for the first one or two copies), and £3 per copy when ordering three or more. To order your copy, contact Andy at THIS ADDRESS.

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